About Ray's Cookies

The goal was always the same, make people smile with a simple gesture of homemade cookies.

Growing up, baking was always an integral part of my life. My parents always indulged my love of turning the kitchen upside-down as long as there was a delicious end product. Cookies became somewhat of a speciality for me. Soon, I was getting requests from friends and offers to pay for my cookies. I knew I would feel funny accepting these offers, but it had never occurred to me that I could get paid for doing something I love. It was only natural to pursue this dream when the opportunity arose, since to this day I enjoy delighting my friends and family with fresh-from-the-oven cookies baked with top-shelf ingredients and a lot of love.

There is no part of the story that involves me leaving a high-paying corporate job to start a business, or investing a lifetime of savings to make the dream happen.  I worked in many different fields, but my priority as of recently has been my family and being the best stay-at-home mom for the short years that they are in my care. To supplement our modest income and see what would happen, I began advertising my cookie delivery service, depending on social media and the dear friends who spread the word throughout my community.  I knew that for this to fly, these cookies had better be pretty special. So I devoted myself to using only the best ingredients available, and to keep things small so I could devote attention to the quality of the cookies. My micro-batch bakery (aka my kitchen) was certified by the PA Department of Agriculture in November of 2016, and Ray's Cookies was officially licensed in January of 2017.  Today, we are happy to have an online presence to simplify ordering and widen our market. Here's to all the small-business owners who have paved the way before me; I hope my ventures may inspire a future generation to never let circumstances dictate your potential.

To the loyal customers who have been there from the beginning, I cannot express my gratitude enough. To those who decide to take a chance on my bakery, I say a sincere thank you for the opportunity to deliver to you what a gourmet cookie should taste like, backed by the attention to detail and customer service that only a small company like mine can provide. We are committed to being the best there is!  

  • Premium ingredients, including top-shelf flavorings and gourmet chocolates
  • Responsive and thoughtful customer service
  • Each order is baked fresh when placed

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and as always, thank you for remembering to

"eat Ray's Cookies!"