Who is Ray, you ask?

Some have assumed that I named the company after myself. You could say that since I was named after my father, Rayfield Mills, Jr, who is the true namesake of the company. His always believing in me and being proud of my accomplishments made me believe I was capable of anything. He was a true entrepreneur himself with a successful residential painting business in Montgomery County, PA, and although he was by no means perfect, both professionally and personally he strove to be a man devoted to the details when it came to serving others. 

"No matter how you may look on the outside, if you have a bad attitude towards others, people will only think you are ugly."

His words still guide me to this day and inspire me to always treat others with kindness and respect and to deliver only the very best I can offer in hopes of making someone's day a little sweeter, rather than sour it with meanness, rudeness, or disrespect. There is enough of that in the world without Ray's Cookies adding to it. If Ray were alive today, he would still be my willing guinea pig and biggest cheerleader as he was with so many of my culinary adventures. I hope my endeavors will always honor his legacy; to never lose sight of the details and to never be satisfied until you've given your very best at what you do, remembering to smile along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!